5-Day G7 Training + Curve Software + Master Printer Qualification

5-Day G7 Training + Curve Software + Master Printer Qualification

This package includes 5 days of on-site service and training, a membership with the IDEAlliance, and a Master Printer Qualification.  This package is intended for companies who would like to have up to 3 presses calibrated and verified to GRACoL specs using the G7 method.  A Color Management Group member, who is certified by the IDEAlliance as a GRACoL Expert, will come to your facility to create calibration curves for up to 3-presses or papers, setup your workflows with the new curves, train you in the process of achieving and maintaining the GRACoL specification on your presses, and submit all the necessary files to the IDEAlliance for G7 Master Printer Qualification.  No one has done more Master Printer Qualifications than the Color Management Group so you are assured the highest level of expertise.

5-Day Package Includes:

• 5 days of on-site training and workflow implementation from a CMG G7 Expert

• A copy of IDEALink Curve software for creating plate curves

• First year dues paid for annual membership with the IDEAlliance

• Submission of press sheets and curve data to IDEAlliance G7 Master Printer Program for official qualification

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GRACoL® and SWOP® print specifications bring appearance metrics to the print management process. Built using the G7® Method, these specifications go beyond single-channel density metrics to ensure that process colors overprint neutral and balanced. The result is improved gray balance, color stability, and color appearance matching across multiple printing processes including Electrostatic, Inkjet, Offset Sheetfed, Offset Web, and Flexo print.

For users who are interested in compliance with GRACoL2007 and SWOP2007 print specifications, IDEAlliance has created the G7 Master Printer Program. In this program, printers learn the G7 method and build upon foundations in densitrometric press measurement of solid ink densities (SID), and tone-value-increase (TVI/dot-gain), using color measurement to achieve ideal gray balance on press. Your press operators will easily incorporate this new approach to building press calibration curves..

Print Buyers who seek consistency and competitive pricing now look for print providers that have become G7 Master Printers, signifying consistent and exceptional print quality. The G7 Master Printer Program provides print buyers with the confidence that the their important color work will print consistently, regardless of which G7 Master Printer they choose.

The G7 Master Printer Program requires an audit of press color measurement equipment, process control procedures, and verification of print quality to qualify for program membership. To enroll in the G7 Master Printer Program, call us for details. We will walk you through the process of becoming a G7 Master Printer!

Please call us to discuss your individual equipment and needs and we will walk you through the process of becoming a GRACoL Master Printer!



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