Pilot Color Tolerance Exercise

Pilot Color Tolerance Exercise


An accurate method of determining tolerance for an acceptable color match.

The Pilot Color Tolerance Exercise Kit is vital if your company charges customers based on how tight a color tolerance they require. An easy, foolproof way to determine tolerance for color acceptability that benefits your customers and offers your company the potential for increased profits! The Pilot Color Tolerance Exercise is a simple, uncomplicated process. All that is needed is 5000K lighting or a window away from direct sunlight.

How You Benefit: Using this exercise, you can determine a company-wide standard for color tolerance. Armed with data, you can determine:
*How long it takes certain color devices to drift beyond your tolerance
*Whether the quality and repeatability of color measurement devices, scanners, monitors, and output devices fall within acceptable tolerance standards
*What level of color software is necessary and how many color patches need to be used to achieve the desired results
*Your customers’ tolerance so that you can quote a job more effectively

The kit includes six strips of color patches, instruction booklet, and executive overview.



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