multiLight 2 Basic

multiLight 2 Basic

multiLight 2 L BASIC



Illumination area (W x H): 130 x 70 cm

Outside dimensions (W x H x D cm): 158 x 16 x 80


lluminant Characteristics:










Our multiLight 2 BASIC devices offer you freely selectable lighting situations to suit your purpose. Regularly equipped with a D65 standard illuminant, the second illuminant is freely selectable. For instance, you can add UV light to assess fluorescent materials, or use an A illuminant to create a typical domestic lighting situation. A mixed-light functions is, of course, also available, allowing you to activate both light colours at once.

  • Optimally suited to industrial viewing under two illuminants
  • Detection of metamerism, thanks to multiple illuminants
  • Freely selectable illuminants, e.g. D50, TL84, A or UV (kindly specify when ordering)
  • Mixed-light function for simultaneous viewing with two illuminants
  • Regularly equipped with a D65 standard illuminant for viewing plastics, paints, textiles, decors and coloured coatings of all kinds to ISO 3668, ASTM D1729, DIN 6173-2
  • Symmetrical light design for viewing the viewing area from several sides
  • Monitoring of the operation hours by a digital operation hours meter



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