LED Color Proof Light 2.0 XL HYBRID

LED Color Proof Light 2.0 XL HYBRID

LED Color Proof Light XL HYBRID 2.0 - 202206




Illumination area (W x H x D): 70 x 100 cm



Outside dimensions (W x H x D cm): 108 x 12 x 80  


Weight: N/A



Illuminants (CIE):

  • Daylight D65, 6500 K
  • Halogen Lamp A, 2700 K
  • Store Lighting TL84/CWF, 4100 K
  • UV-A radiator
  • Daylight D50, 5000 K


Illuminant Characteristics:












Don‘t restrict yourself to a handful of illuminants. The LED Color Proof Light gives you a colour proof light that offers high-quality simulation of a wide variety of illuminants in a larger colour space than sRGB. Use the matching software to define the illuminants of relevance for you. The multispectral LED light source realizes them perfectly. The unique, patented LED calibration method guarantees permanently consistent light conditions.


  • Perfect for reliable colour decisions in the textile, plastics, automobile and furniture industries
  • Multispectral LED light source for simulation of an almost endless number of illuminants
  • Optimum realization of almost any desired standard illuminant, such as D50, D65, D75 or A
  • UV components can be added to detect fluorescence
  • Stable light conditions, thanks to a unique calibration method
  • Substantially longer service life, compared to conventional fluorescent lamps
  • Unequivocal detection of metamerism through simulation of widely differing light conditions
  • Additional TL84 fluorescent lamps for improved detection of metamerism
  • Pat. No. US 8,592,748 B2
  • NOTE: Preset illuminants can be specified on request. Our adJUST LEDcontrol professional software is necessary for free selection from the spectrum.

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