Elevated Color G7 2013 Proofing Satin (200)

Elevated Color G7 2013 Proofing Satin (200)


A contract proofing paper designed to meet Coated Type 1 paper specifications for proofs requiring GRACol 2013 white point specifications. (L*95, A*1, B*-4) Blue-white (bright white) in appearance. Instant dry medium and heavy weight and microporous coated allowing for high ink loads, high resolution and outstanding color gamut.

Available in .008 and .010 mil in 150 foot rolls.

24" rolls are ordered in quantities of two (2).

Qty Select Roll Size Web Price
24"x150' (x2)  $274.28
36"x150' (x20  $400.00
42"x150'  $244.29
44"x150  $255.92
50"x150'  $275.71
54"x150'  $330.00
60"x150'  $366.67