Tucanna tFlow Approval 2.0

Tucanna tFlow Approval 2.0

Complete creative and asset workflow: file submission, preflight, collaboration, and approval.

The complete creative and final asset workflow under control, either in the Cloud or in your own internal network. From initial plan, first versions, changes, revisions, deadlines, annotations, and markups... to the final work ready for production, all is organized and supervised in a visual and intuitive system.

• Approval allows unlimited users - no additional user or connection fees.
• Shorten review cycles.
• All files, revisions, and comments are stored in one place, reducing email traffic and confusion.
• Check file quality as early as possible in the process avoiding quality issues in production.
• No installation required on client side.
• Review on any device, including mobile devices.
• Short learning curve for both administrators as well as users.
• Easily integrate with any MIS, Web2Print or production automation workflow (including tFlow Production).


• Choose to install Approval in your local network or in the cloud.
• Provides collaboration platform for viewing, commenting and annotating images and files.
• Workflow hub, uniting customers, sales representatives, design, and production departments.
• Automates the production cycle, from creation to finish.
• Define orders, and milestones. Keep everyone in a project in the loop on progress and deadlines.
• Submit files directly from within Adobe InDesign®.
• Convert image, office, EPS files to PDF on the fly.
• Preflight and fix files with callas software’s proven PDF technology, the same as used in Adobe Acrobat®.
• Collaborate on projects, by reviewing, commenting and annotating on files.
• Define roles with specific privileges that fit your workflow.

Includes 1 tFlow Approval Server + Unlimited Clients


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