XF Output Options

XF Output Options

Output Options


Printer Options M, XL and XXL

   Printer Options M, XL andXXL support many inkjet printers. Printer Option M supports A3/A2 printers witha printing width of up to and including 18". Printer Option XL caters forprinters with a printing width of up to and including 24", while PrinterOption XXL is for printers with a printing width of 25" and over. TheFiery XF Production and Proofing packages include a Printer Option M-XXL. Youcan add other printer and output options at any time. 


Print & Cut Option (≤6.5 only)

   The Print & Cut Option enablesone-step printing and cutting on supported devices with onboard cutters. Youcan seamlessly integrate cutting into your production workflow, save time anddifferentiate your business from the competition. Near operator free to leaveyou and your staff more time to concentrate on value-add tasks while the twoproduction steps are executed simultaneously. The Print & Cut Optionsupports a continuously increasing number of Print & Cut devices.


 PrinterOption Wide Format / Super Wide Format


  • These Printer Options supports a continuously increasing numberof wide to super wide format printers from many manufactures such as HP, Durstand NUR.



Qty Output Options Web Price
Printer_Option M  $500.00
Printer Option XL  $1,000.00
Printer Option XXL  $1,500.00
Printer Option Wide Format  $2,200.00
Printer Option Super Wide Format  $2,500.00
Print & Cut Option (≤6.5)  $1,500.00