XF Feature Options

XF Feature Options

Requires XF Server

Color Profiler Option
Get advanced color management tools and a boost in performance with the Color Profiler Option based on the renowned Fiery Color Profiler Suite. The tools quickly and easily create ICC profiles and Device-Links that produce high quality results every time, increasing your customer satisfaction. The option enables you to print various test charts and measure them with the supported spectrophotometers and do profile editing.

Color Verifier Option
The Color Verifier Option guarantees customer quality assurance by enabling employees anywhere to work with the same colors to produce identical color output every time. The flexible option also supports a variety of measuring devices and control strips and allows you to check your results against ISO standards, set your own quality standards, and define the individual value tolerances or the average for all values.  It also cuts your distribution costs by serving as a reliable remote proofing tool.

Color Marks Option
Save Time and Money While Decreasing Waste. The Cut Marks Option generates and places marks in your job and extracts multiple cut paths. The option seamlessly connects to the Zünd Cut Center, which ensures a reliable cut workflow by eliminating errors and automating time-consuming tasks. If you have a wide to superwide printer in a production environment, the Cut Mark Option also offers you a new type of mark: The Grommet mark for punch holes, which are used on advertisingbanners and flags.In addition, this option works with an expanded rangeof supported FOTOBA cutters, including the Digitrim series, XL series and WR series.The Option also includes iCut level 1 and 2 for maximum flexibility and connectivity to any third party cutting application.

Cut Server Option
Comprehensive cutting solution driving vinyl cutters and routing tables from industry leading partners.

Layout Option
Increase productivity, reduce waste, save time and costs by eliminating errors with the fully integrated XF Layout Option, targeted specificallyat users of large-format digital printers. To reduce material usage or to optimize the finishing workflow, the Layout Option can create advanced nestings that are set up either for minimum waste or minimizingcut paths for a smoother finishing workflow. Additionally, the Layout Option comes with an automatic bleed generation tool and can create cut paths without using external software.

OneBit Option
The OneBit Option increases your customer satisfaction by producing reliable, high-quality, screen proofs that are identical to your final print. Plus, it offers a high return on investment by improving your production capacity and reducing prepress and pressroom production errors, saving you precious time and materials.

Production Option
Note: This option is included in the Fiery XF Essential, Advanced and Premium Packages.
The Production Option transforms your large-format printer into a fast production solution that achieves high productivity and outstanding color quality. It also enables you to offer your customers additional value-add services such as poster and banner production to boost your sales and customer satisfaction. In addition, the option lets you adjust color manually to meet any customer’s specific need quickly and easily.


Spot Color Option
Note: This option is included in the Fiery XF Essential, Advanced and Premium Packages.
The Spot Color Option ensures perfect spot colors every time.  It allows you to produce consistent colors across all media to preserve your brand image or increase your customer satisfaction. There also are an unlimited number of spot colors per job, so there are no limits on what you can produce. In addition, EFI’s work with leading spot color systems such as Pantone, HKS, Toyo and DIC ensures that Colorproof™ XF’s definitions match the original definitions. It also satisfies the most demanding customer requirements with high-performance features that define spot colors, transparencies gradation curves and much more.


Qty XF Feature Options Web Price
ColorProfiler Option  $1,710.00
ColorVerifier Option  $1,140.00
Cut Marks Option  $1,425.00
Cut Server Option  $1,140.00
Layout Option  $4,555.25
OneBit Option  $4,370.00
SpotColor Option  $855.00