XF Output Options

XF Output Options

Requires XF Server

Fiery XF and Fiery eXpress give you access to more than 450 printers fora wide variety of applications like proofing, high quality photo printing and wide to superwide format production printing.








Output Options

Printer Option M, XL and XXL

Printer Options M, XL and XXL support many output devices such as inkjet, LED and laser printers.
• Printer Option M supports A3/A2 printers with a printing width of 18"
• Printer Option XL caters to printers with a printing width of 19" to 24
• Printer Option XXL is for printers with a printing width over 25".

Printer Option EFI
This Printer Option supports EFI VUTEk, EFI Rastek, EFI Wide Format and EFI Jetrion printers.

Printer Option Wide Format/Super Wide Format (version 5.0 or higher required)

This Printer Option supports a continuously increasing number of wide format to super wide format printers.

Printer Option OKI
This Printer Option supports C9500, C9600, ES3640a3, C9650, C9655, C910, ES9410dn, C711WT, ES7411WT, C841, ES8441, C920WT, ES9420WT

Print & Cut Option (version 4.1 or higher required)

The Print & Cut Option enables one-step Print & Cut on supporteddevices. Now, you can seamlessly integrate cutting into your productionworkflow, save time and differentiate your business from the competition. You also can run supported devices without an operator, leaving you and your staff with more time to concentrate on value-addingtasks, while two production steps are executed simultaneously. In addition, the Print & Cut Option supports a continuously increasing number of Print & Cut devices.

File Export Option
The File Export Option prepares data for specific print conditions and outputs a color-corrected TIFF file to ensure optimum output quality. Italso allows you to export bitmap PDFs that are reproduced in the same way on all systems, facilitating fast and effective binding customer approval.

Fiery Option
The Fiery Option lets you create multi-functional printer pools for contentand contract proofs and digital print production by harnessing the leading color quality of EFI and Fiery servers and controllers' highperformance and speed.

Softproof Option (version 4.5 required)
Version 4.5 required / Softproofing on Caddon (can:view on Windows only)


Qty Output Options Web Price
Printer_Option M  $475.00
Printer Option XL  $950.00
Printer Option XXL  $1,425.00
Printer Option EFI Wide Format  $2,280.00
Printer Option Non-EFI Wide Format  $2,090.00
Printer Option Super Wide Format  $2,375.00
Priner Option OKI  $475.00
Printer Option Print & Cut  $1,425.00
File Export Option  $1,140.00
Fiery Option  $1,140.00
Softproof Option  $950.00