gti Graphiclite Transparency Viewers - GLX

gti Graphiclite Transparency Viewers - GLX


These sleek, smartly-styled viewers are precisely balanced to provide strict compliance with the photographic and graphic arts D5000 standards. GLX viewers offer unexcelled viewer to viewer consistency. Each viewer is individually tested and boasts GTI’s official Control Lab Certification Seal, guaranteeing strict adherence to ISO standards. (GLX Viewers are available in five standard model sizes as well as larger custom sizes.)

Exceptional features include:

 •  full spectrum Graphiclite 100 Color Viewing Lamps 
 •  non-glare Plexiglas® viewing surface 
 •  high efficiency reflector system producing uniform luminance 
 •  unique chrome grip 
 •  optional LiteGuard Viewing System Monitor 
 •  adjustable stand 
 •  integrated handle 

Extension Arms are available to install the GLX transparency viewers into a CVX or EVS viewing station.

The GLX series is the foundation for other top-of-the-line Graphiclite transparency viewers including recessed viewers, GCX and GTX viewing & editing consoles, and the economical GLE viewers.

Models and Dimensions:

GLX-3044 - 30" x 42” (76 cm x 107 cm) viewing area

GLX-3856 - 38” x 56” (96 cm x 142 cm) viewing area

GLX-4856 - 48” x 56” (122 cm x 142 cm) viewing area



Choose Model Web Price
GLX-3044  $1,900.00
GLX-3856  $2,375.00
GLX-4856  $3,325.00