GTI - PDV Professional Desktop Viewers

GTI - PDV Professional Desktop Viewers


Designed to provide increased efficiency at a lower cost, all PDV desktop print viewers include a print bar and come pre-assembled with a unique hinged design that allowsquick and easy set-up for viewing and equally fast fold-up for storage and/or transport. Optional side walls, available for each model, are recommended for tighter complianceto the ISO 3664:2009 industry viewing standard.


Side Walls

Side walls will reduce the influence of ambient light and provide tighter control of the viewing environment.


Allows you to adjust the light intensity of the viewer to match the monitor. Ideal for soft proofing and color management applications. Model number /D

Lower Luminaire

Add a lower luminaire for the most critical color appraisal applications. Includes side walls. Model number ex without dimmer or ex/Dx including dimmer


ModelViewing Area (H x W)
PDV-2e13” x 19.25” (33 cm x 49 cm)
PDV-3e16.5” x 25.25” (42 cm x 64 cm)
PDV-2020e23.5” x 25.25” (60 cm x 64 cm)


Select Model Web Price
PDV-2e  $660.25
PDV-2e/D  $850.25
PDV-2ex  $1,258.75
PDV-3e  $755.25
PDV-3e/D  $945.25
PDV-3ex  $1,406.00
PDV-3ex/Dx  $1,691.00
PDV-2020e  $1,021.25
PDV-2020e/D  $1,306.25
PDV-2020ex  $1,672.00
PDV-2020ex/Dx  $2,052.00
Optional Side Walls Web Price
SW-PDV-2e  $109.25
+ addl ship
SW-PDV-3e  $123.50
+ addl ship
SW-PDV-2020e  $137.75
+ addl ship