gti CVX-30106/FS Viewing Station

gti CVX-30106/FS Viewing Station


<- Picture shows CVX-30106/FS (29" x 106") with optional GLX-10 on EA-10

The exciting line of Graphiclite large format viewing stations teams up to meet all of your color management needs in both production and non-production viewing areas. All models are visually compatible, providing viewing accuracy and consistency from station to station regardless of the specific model style. While each model offers it own unique benefits, all models provide the following system features:

-ISO compliance

-Uniform illumination

-•Spectrally neutral, non-yellowing diffusers

-•Munsell N8/ Gray surround

CVX stations include removable side walls. EVS side walls are optional.

All units include LiteGuard II and can be ordered without LiteGuard II for

$240.00 less.

CVX units include a print bar, removable side walls, and LiteGuard II, which displays lamp warm up, lamp hours, and remaining lamp life. During set up the viewing station’s height can be set to accommodate your viewing environment (available on CVX-3052/FS and CVX-30106/FS models only). If desired, the CVX can be provided with two or three light sources.

CVX viewing stations are available with a variety of floor stand and storage options, including flat and deep file storage drawers. GTI offers a variety of model sizes ideally dimensioned for multiple press sheets, larger format sizes, and group critiques.

Model CVX-30106 - viewing area dimensions (depth x width) - 29″ x 106″ (74 cm x 269 cm)

Qty Model Web Price
D50 only (CVX-30106/FS)  $7,771.00
D50+D65 (CVX-30106/DS/FS)  $8,630.75