Proof Top Multi 5000

Proof Top Multi 5000


Optimize Visual Color Control for Proofs 28" x 20"

JUST Normlicht's new multi-purpose Proof Top is useful for several prepress requirements and adaptable to different workplace conditions. It can be used as a stand alone unit, placed on existing furniture as a desktop unit or mounted on the wall. Equipped with a trolley, the Proof-Top is turned into a free-standing mobile and space-saving Proof Station (see accessories)

Proof Top Multi - Item #20420

• Standardized light with 5000 Kelvin • Asymmetrical Proof Light • Light casts on rear wall and worksurface • Glare and reflection-free
Proof Top Multi with optional sidewalls - Item #20461

Proof Top Multi with optional wheeled trolley - Item # 20453




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Sidewalls  $237.50
Trolley  $560.50